Hard decoration 100000 yuan, 160 pycnocline, netiz

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It is said that light and hard clothes and heavy and soft clothes are the mainstream, but my 160 pycnocline family still spent me 10W, and many friends said that the flowers were not worth it. But after all, I try my best to choose the best materials for hard decoration. If I spend a little more, I will have less trouble. This is my own idea. Whether it is worth it or not has to be judged by everyone

house type: duplex ----- first floor: 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony

second floor: 2 rooms, 1 hall, 1 bathroom, 1 terrace

area: 160 square meters

from the community: Jiubao Chenguang. Lvyuan community

style: simple and elegant

suitable for residents: a family of three generations

start time: January 2011

completion time: March 2011

budget: contract labor without materials, buy materials from yourself

living room on the first floor: Purple sofa was bought by the furniture city, with a bid price of 19800, ground for 2 months, and finally ground to 5400 yuan. Deal! The TV cabinet is made of carpentry. Tea table: bought at special price, 800 yuan

restaurant on the first floor: dining table: 2400 yuan, with 3 chairs. Refrigerator: brand, bought at special price, 1850 yuan




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