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With the growing prosperity of flooring brands in the market, there are also very personalized products. Grey wood flooring is a product that can attract the attention of consumers at a glance. Gray floor can be combined with any decorative color, whether it is at the door or indoors. Sometimes it is thoughtful and sometimes elegant, and its design sense is unpredictable, which is loved by many consumers. Now let's enjoy the decoration effect drawing and matching precautions of gray wood floor

appreciation of the decoration effect drawing of gray wood floor -- Industrial style

black and white gray in the figure is industrial style. Black gives people a mysterious and cold feeling. Coupled with white, elegant and light, it is definitely a classic collocation. The combination of the two can create more levels of changes. With the overall light color decoration and wooden dining table, the overall style is more fashionable and highlights personality

appreciation of gray wood floor decoration effect drawing -- modern simplicity

we can see that the picture is a modern household design. The indoor white wall makes people feel clean and tidy, the wooden dining table and display cabinet are placed as a whole, and the gray ground is covered with striped carpets, showing harmony and warmth. With indoor colors, the shape maximizes the sense of space, making people feel extremely free

appreciation of the effect picture of gray wood floor decoration -- Nordic style

the picture is a Nordic style home. The whole space is dominated by pure white, with white sofas, white wooden doors, and White Tulle curtains, which are extremely clean and refreshing. The green plants everywhere in the room break the overall white calm and appear fresh and pleasant. The gray floor is simple but not rough, creating a casual and natural living space for you

what to pay attention to when matching gray floors:

1. When you plan to lay gray floors at home, in order to achieve overall color coordination when choosing furniture and wall colors, you should pay attention to choosing furniture or wall colors that need to contain gray tones. Otherwise, it will appear particularly abrupt. If the wall and furniture choose red, you can choose red with gray tone. Of course, if gray wants to match with mahogany furniture, it is more difficult, so it should be considered carefully

2. If the color of walls and furniture cannot match the gray floor, we can consider it from the texture of the floor. Choose furniture and walls with similar floor patterns to increase their sense of coordination. For example, the floor is herringbone paving. If the herringbone weaving rattan artist is used, although the colors are different, it can also achieve a fusion effect

summary of the article: the above is all about the appreciation of gray wood floor decoration effect drawing and what to pay attention to in gray floor matching. I hope it can bring some reference to you in the decoration. Gray is a versatile color, and you can match any style according to your preferences





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