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Decoration always costs a lot of money, and overspending is a matter of minutes. However, no matter how tight the funds are, these few places where decoration cannot save money would rather overspend than save! Otherwise, if something goes wrong in the future, you will regret crying to death

first, water and electricity pipelines cannot be saved.

water and electricity are not done well, and decoration is equal to zero. Especially in the place where multiple water and electricity are gathered in the bathroom, if there is leakage and leakage caused by problems in design and material selection after installation, the rework cost is not a small amount. Therefore, in the early stage, high-quality water pipes, wires and wire pipes should be selected, and the wiring should comply with the regulations

second, the reserved socket cannot be saved

with the expansion of space and the increase of functions, there are more and more electrical appliances in the bathroom. Many families have installed sanitary ware such as intelligent toilet, integral bathroom, Jacuzzi, multi-function bathroom cabinet, or audio-visual equipment such as TV and stereo. When decorating, the budget is limited. You can also reserve the socket first to avoid the trouble of rewiring in the future

III. waterproof materials cannot be saved

waterproof in the bathroom is also very important. Not only the material is better, but also the painting is required. Generally, the ground waterproof should be painted twice and tested with closed water for 24 hours, while the wall waterproof should also be 4500px high. The waterproofing of corners and water pipes should be done more carefully, which is the most prone to problems

IV. the floor is not slip resistant.

there is often water supply on the toilet floor, and people who lay ordinary tiles are easy to slip on it. Especially families with old people and children should pay more attention to this problem. Therefore, when choosing floor materials for the bathroom, we must pay attention to its skid resistance. Although the price is more expensive, it is the safety and health of the family when they use it

v. high quality sanitary ware cannot be saved.

sanitary ware is used frequently and rarely replaced after installation, so the quality of products must be better when choosing products. Otherwise, problems will occur in three or two days, which will not only cause trouble in repair, but also easily lead to water leakage, difficult to clean up, and inability to use. Among them, the choice of faucet and hose is particularly important. If you don't choose it well, you have to change it often

VI. tempered glass cannot be saved

it is often heard that there are self explosion incidents such as shower rooms and glass basins, which are mainly related to the quality of the glass used. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break and will not hurt people when broken. Therefore, in order to use it safely, we must not be greedy for temporary cheapness, and try to choose high-quality brands with good reputation




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